String Theory Spots is a collective of talented composers and producers that pool their energies to create superb music for advertising. This permutation of the String Theory performance ensemble allows a focus on writing and producing pristine and canny spots that encapsulate and enhance the brand of the client.

Drawing from a stable of talented musicians and instrumentalists, STS has a broad palette of sonic and stylistic colors to apply to the music for your smart spot. String Theory Sphere Studio is conveniently located in Venice California.

Our composer's have been creating music for picture for decades. Besides national spots for top brands, they have also worked on feature films for the likes of Sony Pictures and HBO. All music is written and produced in-house by String Theory Spots, and is an easy one-stop shop.
String Theory
Holly Rothschild
Joseph Harvey - String Theory Spots
Luke Rothschild - String Theory Spots
Rob Amjarv - String Theory Spots
Deborah Pardes - String Theory Spots