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ALL of our pieces are ONE STOP licensing (except covers)
String Theory owns 100% publishing and masters on all music (except covers)
Publisher: String Theory Sphere and BMI
All music sequenced as: happier = higher on list, darker = lower on list
Please note, all 'Songs' are available without vocals upon request
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Birthday Birthday upbeat, happy & light, California song with beach and water imagery, male vocal
The Path The Path happy, upbeat, reggae/afro-pop, male vocal
Radio Radio female vocal, pop, driving beat, modern
Humanity Humanity grooving & latin, strong rhythm, sensual & dynamic yearning imagery, male vocal
Oasis Oasis upbeat & wide, percolating & expanding, desert imagery, male vocal
Caviar Caviar rich & dark, modern & elegant, big chorus, water imagery, male vocal
Dreamland Dreamland powerful & dark, layered & rhythmic, ethnic fusion, deep water imagery, male vocal
Feline Feline quasi country pop rock, male vocal, slide guitar, big chorus
Detachments #'s Detachments #'s pop rock, male vocal, catchy
LA Caravan LA Caravan slower quasi funky groove, male vocal
Tremour Tremour slow & driving, tech loop driven w/cello & Tabla, escapist imagery, female vocal
Salander Say Salander Say Dub style scape with Male vocals
The Balm The Balm dreamy & lush, post Jobim atmosphere, rich horns, sexy & intimate imagery, male vocal
Mystical Satellites Mystical
melancholy, songwritery – vocal, ac guitar, full inst
Bright Ray Bright Ray sweet & slow, love song – vocal, guitars
Shrine Shrine vast & moody, orchestral loops, cello & ethnic instruments, shrine imagery, male vocal
Finer Things Finer Things solid alt rock with cello, male vocals
Your God Your God insistent rock with acoustic guitars & cellos, male vocals
Bloodline Bloodline dark southern acoustic rock with specters, male vocals
Tunnelvision Tunnelvision legitimate rock & roll, driving, male vocal
Nightlife Nightlife searing hard modern wrock, male vocal
String Theory